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bash command to access smb and copy automatically

Discussion in 'Command Line' started by sr88, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. sr88

    sr88 Guest

    Dear Guru/Master of Samba especially master of Bash Command,

    i have qnap server , and from my client (linux) want to access samba server on qnap
    and copy automatically

    1. smbclient to samba to make a folder "folder-TodayDATE"
    example : folder-27okt12

    2. then copy file from my linux to that folder
    cp myfile.sav myfile-todayDate
    auto add -todayDate

    3. then exit.

    for the above 3steps, i want to make it 1file bash, and put it in crontab -e.


  2. Akendo

    Akendo Guest

    smbclient or mount cifs

    For Bash read this here

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