Backup User? And other backup questions


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I have a small Webserver running CentOS that hosts a few Wordpress sites. I want to back this up to a FreeNAS box on my LAN.

The CentOS box backs up to a local directory every night. I want to rsync that daily backup to the FreeNAS box on my LAN.

All of the backups are placed in a /backup directory.

Obviously I will need SSH keys to do this, but I have never done such a setup before, so I have some questions.

1) Should I make the keys on my CentOS box and put the public key on the FreeNAS box? Or do it the other way around?

2) How do I make a backup user that only has permissions to read the /backup directory? As in, what would the actual commands for that be?


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G'day @oguruma :)

This is a question our Admin @Rob can likely answer.

By mentioning him, he will be alerted and will be along when he can.

He may also move this Thread to somewhere better suited to get you answers.

Good Luck

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