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Back Again!!

Thanks to all replies to my previous post plus threads posted by people, they have all been a great help.
Now to try something I'm not sure is possible so all comments welcome.

I have used U torrent 2.2.1 in Windows with no complaints for many years.
i have read if i was doing this from one Windows machine to another i would open %appdata% find the Utorrent file and copy it to the new machine.
I guess this is not the same in Ubuntu also i see the Utorrent program in Ubuntu has poor ratings also the Wine thing about windows software and security problems.
Transmission i would like advice about please also would it accept the windows file.
Hope i have explain clearly what i'm trying to achieve.
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i have read if i was doing this from one Windows machine to another i would open %appdata% find the Utorrent file and copy it to the new machine.
I don't do many torrent transfers (mostly just Linux .iso files, if anything). But when a transfer is complete, the file you are downloading should be returned to it's original format. So my Linux downloads need to be restored as .iso file types so they can be burned to a DVD or USB.

For video formats, your downloads should be restored to a standard format, such as MP4, AVI, or something like that. It seems to me that %appdata% is not the place where you would recover that.

So assuming your video collection is all stored in standard video formats, then Linux should be able to play them, although you may need to install a different player or new codecs.


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Your external hard drive should be recognised by Ubuntu.
By going to disks you can arrange for that drive to mount at startup. Just click on the drive in question, and then on the small gear icon below the drives volume.....and then select 'edit mount options'. Turn the Auto mount options off....then select 'mount at startup', and 'show in user interface'. Click ok down the bottom and exit out of there and reboot.

As for Utorrent....I cannot make any sense of the downloads they offer so maybe that is responsible for the poor ratings.

I use qbittorrent. It is included in the software manager (via the menu)

I would be interested to know of the site you belong to. If that answer causes drama for you, then dont answer. I will not be offended.

When I download a torrent, I have the setting in qbittorrent set in such a way that the file downloaded goes directly to my 2nd hard drive.

I have no idea how you seed those downloads to other members of your private site.

Hope this helps
Hello atanere.

Thank you for your reply.

My problem is i want to reseed in Utorrent from my Ubuntu computer.
So i will have to download a fresh Utorrent program if it had been on a Windows machine i would open %appdata% and copy the Utorrent file onto the new machine from my old machine in the new appdata file this would allow Utorrent to re-seed or at least that is what i have read would happen.
So my question should have been where will i find the equivalent Utorrent file/folder on Ubuntu 18.04


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Making the external mount at startup will mean you do not have to transfer any files.......they will be available to you just as they were on win 7. I see the only problem here as being how to reseed. I have no idea. Surely someone at that private site uses qbittorrent and could probably point you in the right direction ??

I have no experience of transmission or whatever else ubuntu uses. Qbittorrent has served me well both on windows and also on Linux.

The actual files will open on ubuntu just as easily as on windows....they are most likely mp4 or mkv files ...it doesnt really matter what operating system you open them on......as atanere said a different player will be useful/necessary
I use VLC......it is also in the software manager. Works very nicely.
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@Condobloke seems to know much more about this than me. My bit torrent experience is practically zero. But isn't "seeding" or "re-seeding" just a matter of sharing a folder on your hard drive? If not, please forgive my ignorance. :eek::D

Linux Mint (and maybe Ubuntu also) has Transmission packaged with the system. It seems to work fine in my limited experiences, and I would guess that it will do anything that the other torrent clients will do.


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Perhaps this may help.

I am grateful for the above posts. Now my system has Malwarebytes and uBlock original added along with an active firewall. After trying for many hours to get Utorrent to work properly i have deleted it and installed qBittorrent and it worked straight away.


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qbittorrent will update automatically via the update manager. Its updates will simply appear along with all other updates.

Is there any part of your problem remaining ?
Thanks to all the above members i now have Ubuntu working well and covering my needs.

I have been unable to transfer the files from within uTorrent folder on Windows to qBittorrent, looked on both sites forum pages and google but nothing yet.
slightly of topic has this site the option of sending private messages to other members?


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Sending private messages......Yes........simply click or hover over the members name or avatar at the left hand end of a post, and you will see "start a conversation ' at the bottom of the small window that opens.

When you download a torrent on qbittorrent.......where does it save the movie/tv show to ? Possibly it saves it to your downloads folder ? Does utorrent save its movies/tv shows to the same place ?..(downloads folder ?).......

In qbittorrent I have it set up in Preferences to save all movies/tv shows to a separate hard drive called /media/brian/torrents.
(having said that I could select to save those downloaded movies/tv shows to anyuwhere I liked....the downloads folder, the desktop, the documents folder....wherever ! )

So....check the preferences in uTorrent......and find where the movies/tv shows have been saved to.

I have attached a screenshot of the Preferences, Downloads window, below. To get to it, I opened qbittorrent, selected Preferences (either in edit, or it is also across the top of the qbittorrent window)
....then down the left hand side of the preferences window select 'Downloads' approx 2/3rds of the way down that page it says "Default Save Path".....you can click on the end of that line, and select anywhere on the PC to save the movies/tv shows. (I elect to save mine on a separate hard drive becasue I only use a small ssd to hold my OS (linux mint cinnamon 18.3)....and I dont want to take up all the room there with movies/tv shows etc etc.

So....once you have selected a place to store your movies/tvshows on qbittorrent.......move the movies/tvshows from wherever utorrent stores them to the same place as qbittorrent.

Hope this makes sense.


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Actually.....I just re read my own post. It doesnt make sense. It will not enable you to see the already downloaded files from utorrent in qbittorrent. Damn.

More thinking necessary. This is simple....I just know it.


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I think I have it

READ THIS ....ignore the bits that dont apply..

I havent had time to really study it carefully....but it looks like the ducks guts !

AND.......I just noticed THIS ......exactly what you are looking for.

Just to make things a little clearer for me....and to save me re reading the whole thing.......Is windows 7 on the same hard drive as Ubuntu ?....or a different hard drive ?
and........if they are on different hard drives........are they both still connected to the pc..?....in other words if you open "computer" on Ubuntu can you also see the hard drive that win 7 is on ?
I have Ubuntu on one computer and Windows 7 on another which has my Uttorrent downloads
Both computers download the files to a download folder.

The files i need to transfer from Windows 7 Uttorrent are in %appdata% where a file called Roaming Uttorrent is, not the actual downloaded files but the files within the Uttorrent folder that allow the seeding.
It is no problem for me to copy these, the problem i have is finding the corresponding page in Ubuntu to copy past these if it will accept them .

Condobloke thanks for the link i have looked at it, to be honest being new to Linux it seems beyond my capabilities. i have looked for a YouTube video for idiots on how to do this but nothing yet.


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Is there any chance you can take the hdd from the win 7 pc and plug it into the Ubuntu pc, (as well as the ubuntu hard drive)

Maybe that way you can "see" the win7 hd in your Ubuntu. Hopefully it may make it easier to use that link above...... https://www.reddit.com/r/trackers/comments/806zv1
....to do the moving over of files from the utorrent to qbittorrent
Thanks for the detailed instruction but unfortunately i couldn't get it to work.
Entered details into Terminal as directed and waited and waited, probably for around 15 mins and nothing just the cursor flashing for a while then became fixed.
No doubt in my mind this is due to something i'm doing wrong but as i said previously my abilities are very limited especially with Linux.... to be honest i wasn't much better with Windows.
Looked for something like a YouTube video explaining this situation, found a couple giving advice for settings but thats about it. Talked to a few people who use Windows 7 they also feel aggrieved about the up coming forced update and several who had never thought of Linux as an option are showing an interest so i guess i'm the guinea pig. For now unless i find a real simple way of this transfer i guess i will let my other Windows machine with Utorrent keep working until January then swap and if i loose the files so be it.


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I think the real problem is that the files cannot be seen.........so the question I asked above...""
Is there any chance you can take the hdd from the win 7 pc and plug it into the Ubuntu pc, (as well as the ubuntu hard drive)""........so you will have 2 hard drives in the one pc.

is that possible..?....can you do that ?
Sorry should have explained what i had done.
Yes the external drive with downloaded files was plugged into Ubuntu computer and visible also copied utorrent appdata file to usb and plugged into same computer.
Hope i followed direction correctly as your post, but as i say no joy.


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I am going to ask another member here for help.......he may be able to make sense of it for you....

He will see that i have mentioned his name, and hopefully take a look.

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