Audacity on Ubuntu 18.04


Oct 28, 2017
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Just decided to convert the rest of my vinyl on audacity.Started on the laptop,but for some reason audacity randomly stops recording after a random length of time.I'm thinking Audacity needs more resources,so I switched to the tower(same distro).So far so good.Not too crazy about ding this on the main machine while I do other stuff too.Update:working better on the 'Big Momma" computer.Still has a tendancy to freeze up if I try to do stuff too fast.No random recording stops on this machine,so must be hardware related.
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If it works on your main tower, but not on your laptop - it could be related to the hardware specs/available resources.

What are the hardware specs of the machine that this is happening on?

Also, on the affected laptop - if you try running audacity from a terminal and logging the output from stdout to a file - you might be able to capture some helpful error messages.

1. Open a terminal
2. Run audacity using audacity 2&> ~/audacityLog.txt &
That will run audacity and log it's stdout output to audacityLog.txt
3. Try recording something in audacity until the bug is triggered.
4. Quit audacity
5. Go back to the terminal and view the log-file in a pager like less, or in your favorite text editor and see what error messages are in there. It might yield some clue as to why the recording stopped.

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