Attempted dualboot install w/ Win7, now stuck on GRUB _


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Aug 29, 2021
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Hi there. I went from having bootable Win7 to being stuck on GRUB _ during startup and could use some assistance. Let me explain.

I attempted Dualboot-installing Parrot OS alongside Win7 on my laptop loosely following this guide. Not wanting to risk potential loss of data by installing it alongside Windows on the same HDD I installed it on a separate, empty one (the laptop has two HDDs). It went fine and Parrot OS booted flawlessly, but I was not able to access Win7 system; there was no prompt for choosing it during boot (which would be kind of okay if I could change HDD boot priority, but there's no such option in my laptop's BIOS).

I plug in the Parrot flash drive again and reinstall it, Installing boot loader to Master Boot Record of Win7 drive, which then made the laptop start and stop on non-responsive GRUB _ screen without any ability to type in a command or even perform Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Once again I plug in the flash drive and attempt to reinstall Parrot OS to the separate HDD with these parameters, only this time I cannot even do that much because of an error.

My Win7 system is there on the primary HDD and at this point I'd settle for just being able to boot into it, nevermind the dualboot. Your advice is very welcome.
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What is the make and mode of your computer ?

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