ata2 comreset failed (errno=-16). after wake up


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So I have been getting this on my Gnome logs after I wake up my PC from sleep/suspend. I checked this error out on Google and it says it happens to people when they boot up or reboot.

Thing is that I have not gotten this on my boot up process at all. The error does not occur on boot up, I'am able to boot and reboot fine. The only issue I have with rebooting sometime is when my WD black 2tb won't be recognized and make the boot process take longer. So then I'll have to shut down and boot up normally to have it show up. To be fair it would also happen sometimes with windows too.

But back to the point I checked my smart stats on both Disks and on Gsmart control and health on my 2 SSD's and 2tb hdd. All say that they have passed the health check. The only that gives an errorlog is my 2tb.

Other than that I don't notice anything bad happening to my PC. Can I just safely ignore this and treat it like a false positive?

Iam on pop os 19.10 Nvidia iso still.

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