Asus Zenbook 15 UX534F Realtek HD Audio Problem


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I bought a new laptop "Asus Zenbook 15 ux534F". Sound cards microphone is working but I can't get sound from speaker. Please advise me a patch just because I must use Linux for my Phd. thesis about data mining soo Python and Anaconda is working wonderful in Ubuntu GNU/Linux


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Yey. I couldn't see any fix at Linux 5.4. I'm still waiting about that fix. I have tried any silly ideas like "" which thread that silly "rado84" opened up. Tried distros like;
Mint... etc.
Also tried to patch Realtek drivers to kernel. But there is no solution about that.
I'm a software engineer and trying to finish up my Phd. about data mining. I must try my experiments in Linux but It's soo difficult to not to hear up any music from my computer.
Really I desire to fix up but really I have a lot of work except Linux Firmware Patching
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