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Does anyone have any experience with an ASUS Xonar SE card. I just built a new machine on Ubuntu 18.04, and want to add a sound card to run Jack. I know that the Xonar DGX is considered compatible, but can't find anything on the Xonar SE at all. It's only a few buck more than the DGX, and has much better specs, so, I'd like to use it, but wonder if anyone has tried it.


Hello! You may have already solved this problem, but anyway...I'm new to Linux (currently testing Mint to see how it works), and normally run Windows 7. I recently bought an Asus Xonar AE card, because my onboard sound quit. It seems to be running ok, although I am still trying to learn how to make adjustments in Linux. I am just running the drivers that are built into Mint, because I don't think there are Linux drivers for this card. The audio is really good on this card.

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