Asolute linux question and what to do next.



Hi, i'm new to linux and have spent the last 2weeks installing multiple distros to find one suitable for a 9yr old pc with spec:

Soltek KT600 board
AMD 2.2ghz chip
geforce fx5600 card
1gb ram

So far i've tried Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Puppy linux, macpup, Connos, Zorin Lite, and Absolute linux.

The only 2 that i've been completely happy with on this system is zorin and absolute, with absolute edging out in front. I put absolute on top because right from the initial install absolute is the only distro that plays youtube clips "absolutley" fine with no lag/crashing issues. With all the rest i have had to use vlc (minitube just keeps crashing) to play clips.

Ive noticed that you can change config settings in firefox to improve performance, but it has a minimal effect. With all the settings optimized it still only seems as good as chrome running default.

Can anyone tell me in laymens terms what the absolute team have done to allow the stability on youtube?

And where do i go from here in terms of learning? Should i start watching youtube tutorials about linux commands or just begin with the tutorials on here?

Also if anyone knows of any other stable distros suitable for systems of this age your input would be really appreciated.

thnx, mark

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