Are we suffering attempted DDoS attacks.

I keep watch on the number's online, It usually ranges from 250 to 550 or there about, every time it has gone down, the numbers prior to collapse jump to just over 1000 then a few more Bang down it goes, so I would say yes it's an attack.
yeah it's a pretty small, low-traffic website, so if there are spikes that seem inconsistent with elevated interest/popularity then i guess it could only be explained by a DDoS

It could be otherwise abusive traffic that results in an unintentional denial of service. There are always a bunch of bots here trying to spam the place and/or looking for exploits. Those could easily make it a denial of service without it being a deliberate attack of that nature. It could very well be an unintended side-effect.

A sustained DDoS tends to cost quite a bit of money. You need access to a botnet and that's expensive. or a whole lot of work to create yourself.
Site seems to be working fine now...fingers crossed.
Why the hell is someone jacking with the forum.

They should be jacking with facebook and twitter where whoever would irritate a whole hell of a lot more people than are at
They practice Bottom Trawling.:mad:
Even Puppy got hit.
Even Mini Me: A Nobody, Retired Old Man.
They practice Bottom Trawling.:mad:
Even Puppy got hit.
Even Mini Me: A Nobody, Retired Old Man.
Yeah, it would be a lot harder for any hacker to screw with facebook and twitter. If somebody did, i would be not be sad. It would probably have to be someone with the computing power of the US, Russian, or Chinese government though.
Just in case this means something....


Definite increase in numbers of guests

The time now is 19:39PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
our normal number of guest varies day/time make a big difference, from what I have seen is it normally ranges from around 250 to just over 600, the problems usually start when it suddenly hits 1000 or more.
its 10-45 mid morning here
Roger that.

I paid attention because this is a quick increase considering the figures of the last few days.

Time will tell
A good proportion of the people in that list are 'zero' posters.......and the spam filter or whatever it is is working overtime knocking them over
It would be good to know the number of spammers obliterated in the last hour or so.

It is no coincidence that they are all around the 19 year old mark.......and they all turned up here at the same time.

This was organised.

Expect more.
Most of the new members I have seen are either under 25 or over 50 I have noticed a marked increase in numbers whenever a popular film based around hacking is doing the rounds, we also get more "why won't Kali install" type questions
what im wondering is how one would tell the difference between between a DDoS and a spam bot invasion.
Down again today 1465 guest..
Thanks, @Rob
I think the regulars will be more than acceptable due to the situation
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Down again today 1465 guest..
Dim wits that have nothing good to do with their time,
they don't realise it, but when they reach the finish line
with their can, they and they alone will pay for their deeds,
himm in haa in and but in won't cut it with the big fella.
Today has been the calmest/easiest day I've had as a moderator.

I had one person to respond to. I made one comment elsewhere. I approved one post. I declined three posts.

I'm not sure what setting Rob has CF on, but it seems to correlate with decreased spam attempts that actively hit our filtration system. Correlation is not causation, but I suspect the two are intertwined.

I haven't even seen any of the suspicious posts today. (I'll avoid going into details, for not necessarily obvious reasons.) That's nice as those could take hours to untangle.

Anyhow, I haven't had a day with this level of activity since well before I was asked to moderate. If I'd known it was going to be like this, I probably would have gone for a much longer drive today. Ah well... I got the chance to catch up on a few other real-world activities.

I guess my point is, whatever setting you have it on, we have had significantly less activity. For better or worse, and the two may not actually be related - but odds are good that they are related. Weekends are actually usually slower than weekdays, from what I've seen, but they're not this slow.
Dropped out 3 times so far today 1300 utc 752 visitors, Make that 4 times just went again as I was typing 780 on line
As I type this we are up to 1561 guest this morning ..

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