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Mar 30, 2020
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I was trying to install Arch Linux on my laptop, following this guide and during live USB installation I have wlan0, but after the installation it's gone, any help? After installation , no wireless internet.
By the way, I know that my network driver does not support monitor mode if it's a problem.

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Hey, I don't know how to, I'm new at linuxm

Greetings @ExtremeSa and welcome,
I think you will find this site very helpful and informative.
If I may make a suggestion; please install Linux Mint instead of the other distros.
You will find it much more user friendly, and easier to graduate from the 'newbie' stage.
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Cause, I need help with this issue, not to install other distros.
I have to install Arch first to install other distros.

I recommend installing linux mint or ubuntu as your main os. they're so easy to install compared with Arch or Gentoo. Linux mint and ubuntu more or less instal themselves and they work right outs the box!

Then once you gotta solid distro like mint or ubuntu download a virtual box and use that to install more difficult distress like arch and gentoo n Slackware. that way you get practice and trust me it will also save you hours of your valuable time. If something goes wrong you can scrap it and reload a previously saved machine state in a virtual box.

If your having trouble creating a bootable usb stick they're are many good online guides for it.

If Arch is your first its maybe a jump into the deep end as a first main install, but I don't judge. Thats the beauty of linux there is so much choice but in my experience ive found it better to operate a stable solid distro for main install and mess about with other dittos using virtualisation (virtual box).

how is your installation going????? are you still having problems???? have you dual booted??? do you have another OS on your partition????
If you're using a Windows machine to make your usb device bootable with a Linux distro I suggest you use "Rufus" to do it.

If your new to Linux I don't recommend running Arch unless you are able to read and understand all of the documentation for Arch.

Give Linux Mint a spin it's easy to work with and comes with a Update Manager thus making it easy to keep the system up-to-date.
You have to install DHCP ant the networkmanager to get to the internet.

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