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Good morning all

I would like to know that it is your configuration in the official repositories of linux mint (if possible tricia 19.03)
Because I can't upgrade to version 20 of linux mint.

Via the terminal, I launch the command:

"mintupgrade check"
Of course after this command can not be used as root so I switch to simple user.

But that gives me a temptation of error which is the following:
"!! ERROR: Failed to configure APT sources"
"!! Exiting."

If anyone could help me.
Thank you


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@Incruste2.0 --Welcome!
I suggest you don't want to do an upgrade in this manner. Download and burn the version desired, do a fresh install. Less hassle, better end results!

Backup your present version by means of Clonezilla (which should be downloaded and burnt, as well), prior to the reinstall to a later version, just in case.

Use the same partitions and, assuming you have a separate /home partition, do NOT format it upon reinstall. DO format the others upon the newer version install. Suggest NOT formatting to ntfs or fat32.

Should you not understand how or why to do these things, please ask!

Always do an update
apt update
before issuing the upgrade command.
apt upgrade
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Read this first.....https://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3946

Then......read This.......https://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/2485

It can also be helpful to read the comments section as well.

I find it sufficient (and simpler) to take an 'on demand'[ snapshot with Timeshift.....just in case something goes wrong.
To create a system snapshot:

Launch Timeshift with "Menu -> Administration -> Timeshift".
Follow the wizard to select a destination for your snapshots.
In the toolbar, click on the "Create" button to make a manual snapshot of your operating system.

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