hello guy
i removed a package on ubuntu suddenly i realized i don't have apt-get command anymore how can i install apt package again ?

What package did you remove. What does it say when you try to use apt-get?
libstdc++6 it doesn't recognize apt-get any more i tried to install libstdc++6 again but too much dependencies i just confused
Do you have the Install Disk?

You could make the Install Disk a Repository and re-install apt using dpkg

"Using dpkg to install packages

dpkg is a command-line tool used to install packages. To install a package with dpkg, open a Terminal and type the following:

cd directory
sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb
Note: replace directory with the directory in which the package is stored and package_name with the filename of the package.

It is recommended that you read the dpkg manual page before using dpkg, as improper use may break the package management database. To view the manual page for dpkg, open a Terminal and type man dpkg." - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware
or should you satisfy any dependency and install every package separately
if you have aptitude installed it can be used instead.
for example:
aptitude install apt

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