Anyone here adept at GIMP?


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Feb 25, 2019
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Anyone here adept at GIMP? I need to this but I only got to half the task: open a DDS image as a layer (I know how to do this), insert a png image on top of the layered image, then remove the layered image and save the remaining png file as a DDS file. The latter (the saving) I know how to do. The problem is that IDK how to import an image and place it on top of the layered image.

What I need this for? I'm trying to make a mod for ATS (American Truck Simulator). There are templates which one can use as layers, so that you know where exactly to place the image. For instance, if you wanna place an image on the hood of the truck, you must place that image in a specific position. That's what the layered image is for - you open it as a layer, position your image wherever you want, then remove the layer and save the remaining image as a DDS file which then the game will load.

I already found out how to open any image as a layer and I have the image I wanna have as a mod for the game. But I'm not very familliar with GIMP. I suppose I could try with Photoshop but I don't wanna go there yet, if possible.

I haven’t done a lot with Gimp in the last few years. The interface has changed quite a lot since I last used it. But it doesn’t sound like it will be too tricky, if I’m understanding what you’re trying to do.

After loading the initial image and then opening the guide image as a layer. Next add your other image as a layer and move it to wherever you need it for the final image.
Remove the guide layer and then merge the remaining layers into a single layer, before exporting the final image.

All you need is the layer tab open and you can deal with all aspects of layer management.
That's the bit I would have said is the necessary step - the "merge" step. It just basically amalgamates everything into a single layer......after positioning your PNG image where you want it.

My signature, as seen below, was created with the GIMP; inserting a pre-created GIF on top of a PNG background, followed by merging all the GIF layers down into the PNG image. It's quite astonishing the stuff you can do with the GIMP.....and there's all these Windoze users moaning that they can't get used to it.

It's no different to doing such stuff with Photoshop. I've used both alongside each other for many years - I still run a copy of PS6 under WINE - and have become so handy with both of them I can switch back & forth mid-project without missing a beat.

They're both raster graphics editors.....just with a slightly different work-flow, that's all.

Mike. ;)
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