Anyone else noticed grub-customizer no longer works as before?


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Feb 25, 2019
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For quite some time (a few months now) grub-customizer no longer works as it used to. Nowadays it won't detect any other OS. OS-Prober is installed and properly detects every single OS (when ran in terminal) installed but when you run GC, it doesn't display any other OS, except for the default one. For instance, until recently I had dual boot with Windows but GC wouldn't detect it, despite that searching for other OSs was enabled.
At first I thought it was due to the weirdness of Windows 10 & 11 but just now I installed another instance of Arch on the same partition where Windows used to be. GC still wouldn't detect the newly installed instance.
I had to edit grub.cfg manually to include the two entries for the new instance (linux and linux-lts), so this grub-customizer issue is not a big deal to me. But I'm wondering if it behaves the same way only on my configuration or is it a general problem for everyone?

Is that v5.2 Rado?

I wonder whether downgrading to an older version will work?

I haven't used Grub Customizer for about 6 years or more, so can't help much.

Good luck.

Is that v5.2 Rado?

I wonder whether downgrading to an older version will work?

I haven't used Grub Customizer for about 6 years or more, so can't help much.

Good luck.

Yes, 5.2, but downgrading it to 5.1.0 didn't change anything. Arch Linux Archive (where older versions are stored) doesn't have anything older than 5.1.0.
Thanks. I am out of ideas, then.

Good luck

Well, I've completely removed grub-customizer from my system. I have a backup of grub.cfg on a non-system partition, so if I ever need to restore it, there's an alias involved. Until recently I needed grub-customizer to add kernel parameters but ever since I started manually editing grub.cfg, I found out where to add these parameters, so I no longer need grub-customizer. The only "problem" I have is determining what to enter for this string:

$menuentry_id_option 'gnulinux-linux-advanced-071c655e-5fc0-41fb-9fd3-81860f735709'

but adding an entry without that string seems to be working just fine, so I might remove it completely. If I'm right, it seems that the menu entries are being displayed in the order they've been added to grub.cfg, so no menu entry ID is actually needed.
Just checking on

I've completely removed grub-customizer from my system.

Did you make adjustments to /etc/grub.d/ ?

If not, can you give us output of

ls -a /etc/grub.d/
Only manual adjustments, not through GC.

[rado@arco]: ~>$ ls -a /etc/grub.d/
./                                     10_linux_proxy*    40_custom_proxy*  backup/            .script_sources.txt
../                                    20_linux_xen*      41_custom*        bin/
00_header*                             30_os-prober*      60_memtest86+*    proxifiedScripts/
01_grub-customizer_menu_color_helper*  31_uefi-firmware*  90_custom_proxy*  README
OK, as I wondered.

The three folders named backup/ , bin/ , and proxifiedScripts/

were added to your /etc/grub.d/ with the installation of Grub-Customizer and are not removed with usual methods of removal. That can cause complications in future if not addressed.

The one named backup/ likely contains the original content of your /etc/grub.d/

... but all three should be got rid of.

I have to go out shortly for an hour or two but when I am back you should be catching zzz's I expect.

Did you want to follow through with some more on this?

None of these 3 are even mentioned in grub.cfg, so in case that I ever need to reinstall in the future, the lack of these 3 directories won't be a problem. For the moment it's ok for them to be there. I also have a clonezilla backup, so I could try to remove these 3 directories and see what happens. If something goes sideways, I'll restore from the backup.
No worries ;)


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