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I have used Linux for 6 years

I use NO antivirus (not necessary)

I use Firefox browser. It is possibly not the lightest, but it does give me good protection with a few add ons installed.

Those add ons are :

Malware Browser Guard
uBlock origin
WebRTC Control

I also use a password manager, although this is mainly for convenience sake, (as well as using complex passwords)

That is all I use.

To date I have no malware infections etc etc

Anti Virus programs are for Windows users. They need all the help they can get.

Keep your Browser secure, and you will have no troubles.
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Hello everyone.

I am looking for a secure and stable antivirus, under Linux. And I would like to have if, you can advise me.
Some time ago, I found an article. Who is talking about the 5 best antivirus protections (REALLY FREE) for Linux in 2020!
See the links below for the relevant page:

Recently, I installed an Antivirus, I heard a lot about it, # ClamAV #, and even that some advise it in some forums.
Would it be possible to have opinions on this antivirus?
I'm not looking for one in particular, but I would still like to know, what kind of antivirus do you use?
Do you have special utilities?

And I would like to have answers to some questions:

- What things are reliable and free if possible in the long term?
- OPEN SOURCE browsers to offer (lighter, more efficient, efficient in searches, do translations)?
- OPEN SOURCE applications which protect privacy or which warn us about problems or unwanted program and which provide parental control, which allows us to defend ourselves, blocks pages filled with viruses.
Or articles and videos which could inform me.
I would also like your opinions.

Thank you.


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some i think, i've seen on here are uncomplimentary on clamv . i've got it installed and update the virus sigs from the command line , as root using :


The main, actually only use from memeory i've had for it is cleaning usb sticks or other FAT
32 etc of viruses that were picked up from internet cafe or other Window infected machines and to prevent spread to wifes Window machine. I haven't had anything infect my Linux laptop so far , but do run checks rootkit that kind of stuff . i take precautions such as Ip tables etc

The trouble with media and blogs today is that there is a lot of bloat , so 5 Anti-virus for Linux ?? sounds like a good marketing title . Even quite prominent web sites that talk about foss , haven't even taken basic steps to prevent hacking. So the evidence of that does somewhat make me question anything they publish.


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You have the same topic open HERE

Nelson Muntz

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I don't use antivirus on Linux.
Make certain to enable your ufw / gufw firewall and use firejail sandbox.
Use common sense when surfing on the web and be cautious of unknown email attachments.




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Linux AV is unnecessary. It's your choice, but AV is a waste of CPU cycles.

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