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Another one inspired by the Magic Number before...


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Hi all,

I was a freshman back in 2006 studying computer science. In a sense, one day I found out rumors on the Internet about how John Carmack makes the solution of fast reverse square root with a magic number.

There are articles out there if you just type in his name with magic number on Google.

But just before now at local time, I found out the originators are not his according to Wikipedia and at least three website sources.

What I'd like to express is that the common idea behind open-source coding in probably this and Linux is of great value to our survival and global continuity. It can not be described in one single forum post. I'm here to say something just because of full of emotions and thanks towards the open-source developers. It is the anonymous spirit that keeps the world revolving on the track.

If the originators of the magic number code is still alive, later in my life I'll do whatever it takes to express my gratitude. Now I just keep using Linux and something like this and RAND() makes me remain strong in mind against the turmoils at present time.

P.S. RAND() is a function you can use since Office 2003. Buyer beware though.

Thanks with best regards,
C.Y. C from Taiwan


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Forgot to say, my master research was noise canceling using SoX's noisered function and bc operations in a Raspberry Debian. The idea and undergo simply derived from the story above.

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