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Aug 1, 2023
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Hello. Earlier, I posted a question about adding a plugin for Gimp. That was a no go as the plugin needed some Python 2 dependencies not available in Mint 21.3 so I dropped the idea.
However, I'd like to upgrade to the latest version of Gimp as it has a bug fix for the color picker tool. I don't care if I have the latest version of a program, but the bug fix would be very useful.
It can be installed via Flatpak or Appimage. I've never installed either so I don't an opinion on the merits of either. I've researched enough to form the opinion that it's a matter of personal taste for the most part. Both ways have been proven to work, both have good and poor attributes.
I was leaning toward installing via Flatpak, but the documentation on the Appimage states that it has the Python2 dependencies needed to run the Resynthesizer plugin that I was wanting to install earlier.
Having said all that, I have a few questions as, again, I have no experience with either Flatpaks or Appimages. I know both are purported to be sandboxed from the OS for the most part but to what extent I don't know. On to the questions! :D
1. Would the python 2 code in the Appimage conflict with the python 3 code in the OS?
2. Will I be able to add plugins to Gimp once the "self contained" , flatpak or appimage program is on my system?
3. Should I uninstall and purge the current Gimp install before installing the new package?
I'm running Mint Cinnamon 21.3 and have 180 GB free in my 200 GB root partition so space shouldn't be a problem with either option.

python2 has pretty much been deprecated for a while now.
Having said that, no.. whatever is in a AppImage or FlatPack image is isolated from the host system.
So no, the python versions will not conflict. python2 will only be in the image container.
@Danbor :-

From long experience with AppImages - since the very early days - my opinion has always been that they're a superior option to FlatPaks/Snaps. They're essentially "standalone".....unlike FlatPaks or Snaps, which require a fairly extensive & sizeable "framework" to be in place before they'll run (which IS mitigated to a large extent IF you intend to run many of these on a regular basis, since the "framework" only needs installing once).

AppImages aren't perfect - nothing in life ever is! - but they basically unpack themselves into /tmp when you launch them, and run from there. At shutdown, anything in /tmp disappears into cyberspace, draw your own conclusions.

I'd always recommend them over FlatPaks or Snaps. That's just my personal opinion; I like 'em.

(Out of curiosity, where are you intending to source your GIMP AppImage from? If I can find a newer version, I'd like to upgrade my 2.10.25...which even so, still does everything I want from it. But a newer version would be handy.)

Mike. ;)
Hello dos2unix and Mike. Thanks for the input.
I was following a thread about a bug in the color picker tool on the and learned of the Gimp Appimage there. It can be found at
From what I now understand, thanks to dos2unix, the python 2 dependencies included in the Appimage don't pose any problems for my OS, so that question is answered.
If I find out that I can install the G'MIC and Resynthesizer plugins to the Gimp that exists in the Appimage, and whether or not I need to uninstall the Gimp that was installed as a system package I'll probably go for it.
However, if I can't install any plugins to the Appimage, I'll just get by without Resynthesizer and learn to deal with the bug in the color picker tool. At least in the currently installed Gimp 2.10.30 I can use the latest G'MIC plugin 3.3.4.
you can get the Gimp AppImage from here -

The Snap and Flatpak packages are always run in a sandbox environment. On the other hand, the AppImage package does not, by default, run in a sandboxed environment. To run AppImage in a sandboxed environment, you will need to run the AppImage package using sandbox software such as firejail.
Allrightee then. I went ahead and installed the Appimage. G'MIC-QT seems to work. The buggy color picker tool is fixed. No joy on getting Resynthesizer to work though.
If I get that working, I'll mark this as solved.

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