another boot rescue tool for uefi /efi pcs


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go to this page :

shimmy down to usb flash drive img sub title

download the zip file and un zip

when unzipped you will get :
├── COPYING.txt
├── CREDITS.txt
├── LICENSE.txt
├── NEWS.txt
├── README-flashdrive.txt
├── SHELLS.txt
└── refind-flashdrive-0.12.0.img

for a usb stick even 2gig one with dos partition dd refind-flashdrive-0.12.0.img to usb :

cd from linux command to inside refind-flashdrive-0.12.0 and then as root :

dd if=refind-flashdrive-0.12.0.img of=/dev/sdX

//where x is your drive - mine was b ie /dev/sdb

I just used it by powering up wifes Windows 10 and my slackware PC and it successfully booted up both

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