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I am importing my post from Android Central/XDA Developers. On a note, I've been working on this concept for a little over a year now, and I've pushed it into phase 3.0.

I have a lot of people who've been quite interested in this and are quite big fans of the idea, but they keep asking me if they can try it out, and well the answer is no because it is not coded.

I've been told to come here and start this post and see about starting Android Desktop from a linux kernel and build on it. I was told to seek out help and those who are/will be just as interested in it as I've been since March 2013.

To some of you it may seem a waste of time, but to some it seems like this is something they've been searching for, for a long time. I believe in this project and I believe it can succeed, but I cannot do it alone, and understanding that I am not superman, that drives my determination to make this happen that much more.

You can look below at Android Desktop 2.0, but a bit later. One thing I want to note is I have 3.0 laid out at like 90% between paper and photoshop, little notes, designs and such, and it is looking amazing, I've been very excited about this. I'm more into the graphics side as I cannot code, so it is easy for me to portray my idea. I've done it all by myself, but of course some tips on how to scale and ppi and such from a friend. But help is welcome as well.

I've been told Android is possible, touchscreen or not, it is possible, and the fact that there will not be touchscreen on some computers and laptops, this helps developers expand their apps and business, so in the end we all benefit.

All in all, I am looking for those who are interested and want to help build this, I truly heartedly believe this could go veeeeeeeeeery far. There are a lot more people out there wanting Android on the Desktop (not a port) than we really know.

But enough yapping, I will import my old post below.

By the way you can try out Android Desktop 2.0 online interactive demo, just copy and paste the link from the next post.



It seems I cannot post links right now, so I will give you the demo.

You can go to the following link to try out the interactive Android 2.0 demo that I've made. Do remember that 2.0 is the old version and A LOT has changed in 3.0


Also, if you want the full version of my post (for now), please visit it on my XDA thread.

(copy / paste)

You can check out the Google+ group for extra good stuff, pictures and whatnot.

(copy / paste)
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Here are the old 2.0 images, keep in a mind a lot has changed. I cant emphasize how much, but it is all brand new in 3.0, really.

app notifications.jpg


  • Multitasking1.jpg
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  • newdroid (bottom bar)2.jpg
    newdroid (bottom bar)2.jpg
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  • 0000 Lock screen.jpg
    0000 Lock screen.jpg
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  • 000c.jpg
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  • 00 General Settings.jpg
    00 General Settings.jpg
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  • 02 Lockscreen.jpg
    02 Lockscreen.jpg
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  • 04 Apps.jpg
    04 Apps.jpg
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  • newdroid - Settings (power).jpg
    newdroid - Settings (power).jpg
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  • newdroid - Settings.jpg
    newdroid - Settings.jpg
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  • about pc.jpg
    about pc.jpg
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  • apps.jpg
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  • Open User Folder.jpg
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