An Xorg release without Xwayland


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Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life! :)
I just read this quite interesting post/article Here's an excerpt:
Now, for the "Xorg is dead" claims - it's very likely that the current release will be the last Xorg release. [3] There is little interest in an X server that runs on hardware, or rather: there's little interest in the effort required to push out releases. Povilas did a great job in getting this one out but again, it's likely this is the last release. [4]

Xwayland - very different, it'll hang around for a long time because it's "just" a protocol translation layer. And of course the interest is there, so we have volunteers to do the releases.


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The guy who wrote it - i like his sense of humor ! No xorg - i was thinking so will slackware will have to use wayland and xwayland ? although they can still refuse to use systemctl
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