an good ebooks to read to learn enough Linux to get a good position?


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I have a book called the "Linux Bible" but it's IMO too advanced for someone probably looking for a support role. I want to know enough Linux to be good with the basics for a position outside of Admin which I would guess requires the most knowledge.

I'm looking for any free ebooks you recommend or I'll cough up a few bucks to get something on Amazon.

I'll guessing alot of SSH, and moving files around and running commands. I don't know, I'm new and willing to get my hands dirty.


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Hi @sah0724 Not an ebook but I think you might find it useful

Those links will take you to a step by step course completely free where you'll learn some basic linux concepts and it also has some interactive examples for you to put into practice what you learnt. And you can even get a certificate.

Here's another resource

Hope this helps! :)


Very helpful thread.

To the original poster -
start with setting a goal / target - even with limited knowledge of Linux
pick a book with examples and stick with it.
Avoid any books with more then 200 pages and "click this , click that ..." instructions with pictures.
It is better to finish one book then be tempted to jump all over the place.
Best of luck

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