All my devices got hacked with sidechannel attack. PLEASE HELP


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Jan 6, 2019
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HEY GUYS, my name is John. I am new to any Linux forums and also new to Linux. I have my mesterious hacker to thank for that. Someone installed remote access into my 4 laptops and about 4 metropcs android phones. I bought this iPhone yesterday because a sheriff ensured me they were “unhackable”.

Not to tempt any pros lol I’m sure it can be done...

So anyways, I gather that it was either specter meltdown l1tf style attack and I catch tidbits of info in the load up logs of Linux saying io with ram blah blah I don’t understand what it means and also video card with shadowed rom is in the mix.

What I wanna know is can anyone help me get this code out of my to me inaccessible cache and if so does anyone live near enough to lake Elsinore California to have me buy them a coffee or beer and educate me a bit? All laptops are hp 3 have intel chips 1 has amd and phones all have snapdragon chips.

Also all my usb sticks now contain undeletable “system volume information” folder with “WPSettings.dat” which beacons to my amigo for with current network login info so he can instantly repack any device that said usb is plugged into. I’m a total tech noob but I’m also a contractor so we could even trade work for tech help if that’s interesting to you, also I would like this @$$hole to get hacked back........ ;)

Thank you @arochester

If there was a root kit installed and somehow enabled somebody to gain persistence with their hacks by storing code in hip cpu or ram memory, would there be some terminal code I could use to erase or at least flush It out with 0’s instead of their malicious code?
One guy pmed offering to fix for 60 an hour telling me 4 hours per machine, this is a hack that was applied in a matter of minutes... I’m pretty good at following instructions, I need a hero not a service call lol. There are some bad apples out here victimizing people and they need to be stopped!

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