After installing bluetooth headphones speakers don't work anymore


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Nov 20, 2020
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Hello, I had setup my bluetooth headphones which now work work properly on Ubuntu 20.04.LTS. After I disconnect them and also disable BT (I did this only to exclude BT problems while reconnecting to my speakers) from the settings menu, no matter which which output I choose there is no sound coming out anymore from the speakers. I have tried this solution ... Nevertheless, if I enable again BT and connect again the headphones they work. I have tried this solution but it this doesn't work.

I have also tried this guide and encountered that the sound is comming out put doesn't get forwarded to my skeakers. In the following screenshot you can see that in the porst section the level strikes out. Despite of that I cannot hear anything.
I have checked my volume which is on 70% and tried all the outputs but nothing changed. The problem maybe seems to be the speakers that are grayed out. But I don't know how to enable them using other commands or methods.

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