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Hello everyone,

I'm running a CentOS dedicated server.
I have WHM and cPanel installed.

Inside cPanel, there's a section you see the "Active FTP Sessions".

Is there a way to see this from the command line?

If there is, I thought of doing a pipe of that into a text file.
That way, I can review this text file later.

Reason: I have various remote computers that upload a small piece of data every minute to the server.
I have remote access to them.
Yet if they stop uploading data for whatever the reason, I have no way of knowing their IP.
((yes, I know I can setup a DynDNS or something of the sort))

Anyway, is there a way to check out active ftp sessions from the command line?

Thank you very much!

The xferlog will contain connection information such as user, file transfers, login and logout times, failed login attempts, etc. If the account uses sftp, you can find account info in the secure log. These two log files are located in /var/log

I hope this helps

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