accesing RAID 5


I am running Ubuntu 21.04 and experiencing the following using "file manager" to open my RAID 5 array.

\1. Checking the array on start and it is NOT mounted.
There is no "usage information " and when I use the submenu it does say "Not mouted"
2. Using the submenu to "mount " the array I get spinning wheel and that is all.
3. If I wait long enough I receive "timeout ' message.

If the array is mounted on start-up and I try to "open it" I get same - spinnng wheel and no access to array.

The above happens about 80% of time and using "sudo reboot -f " "fixes" the problem and the array opens just as expected.

When the array is mounted and everything looks normal - opening the array I receive message to the effect that there is another process already running.
And the usual spinning wheel.

I did check the state / detail of the array and it is normal , ready to be used.
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