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About embedded linux


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Hello, I'm new to this forum. This summer I decided to learn about embedded system. I just don't know the difference between using linux for Microchip and window for microchip. I choose rasp for my project and use sensor like temperature, humidity, .... and control motor, camera,data transmitting.
I'm now using dual OS, window 10 and ubuntu, is that ok ? About ubuntu, I'm still learning.
btw, the term build OS for your own which I don't understand ( I mean if you have board (rasp for example) and a module camera which they don't know each other and you have to write a driver for it ?? )


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G'day 23240608, and Welcome to Linux.org

Have a look and a read HERE

That site may or may not help you......they do have people from all over the world contributing

Good Luck

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