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Credit where credit is due, Mate ;)
I can see this has been going for a while so I figure I'd add my pompou#AHEM# I mean humble contribution:

A while ago, a user asked me to hack a site for him. Whether or not I am capable of doing that is irrelevant, the sheer notion of him asking me to do it, coupled with my background in tech, would have gotten me in a lot of trouble. Even if that nincompoop would have gotten someone else to do it, and that person would have succeeded, the manner and audacity with which he approached people, would have guaranteed him to get caught. The authorities would have started an investigation and would have submitted a legal subpoena to this site's ISP for data in regards to anyone he interacted with privately. Interpol would be knocking on my door by the sheer notion of him asking me to do it. Happened before in some other incident I'd prefer not to talk about.

That being said, the moderation on this channel is not what I would describe as excessive. It is on par with what it might be expect of a person behaving in a public area, like a library (bad example) or public restaurant. Just like IRL, the naked lunatic, who runs into a public area with a racist billboard, ringing a cow bell and screaming how unicorns rule the world and inhaling their farts turn us into dumb, obedient slaves. Of course they're gonna throw his ass out into the streets.

As comical as it sounds, there are 8 billion of us, the likelihood of such a person actually existing is high. But that is beside the point.

The point is that this forum is just like any other public area. But the disconnect is in the fact that you're at home (or somewhere else comfortable enough to be present on this forum) thus its easy to disregard the fact that you're interacting with actual real people on the other side, and everything you type out might have an effect on them. The days where you could just shoot your keyboard off into the public are over. You are now held (almost everywhere) to the same standard of conduct as you would be anywhere public you might have gone.

I personally have had a history of "naughty" behavior in my youth. But my problem was more cultural rather than failing to realize that there are other people on the other side of the screen. I am from the Balkans. For us it is the cultural cue to reinforce the seriousness of whatever you might have to say with profanity. The more... severe the harsh language, the better is his message understand as "not fooling around" and that he means what he says and he isn't taking any BS to the contrary. The problem was compounded by the fact that my English is excellent. Not only can I translate the language, I can also convey the very vileness of it in foreign language that very difficult to stomach in proper first world countries.
How Disruptive was I? Metaphorically, imagine a concert hall full of Mozart fans, people in ties, dresses, all prim and proper. Then I suddenly barge in, torn jeans, black leather jacket with metal skulls grafted to it. People were waiting for the orchestra to start playing, instead I jump on the stage, pull out my USB stick and start playing the worlds nastiest punk music you can think of at full volume.

When people read that, they probably responded the same way they did in the prison scene of the movie Hancock. I would like to say I've made a concerted effort to improve.
MY personal thoughts.
One of the biggest problems on any forum, is that of how members, answering a question, perceive the tone of the writer,
It doesn't matter if English is not your first language, and your local perspective of how to talk to people is more aggressive or submissive the principles are the same, if the question shows a lack of knowledge on how the product works, then it is no good immediately spouting off reams of jargon, try keeping it simple, If the first post looks feels aggressive, the natural response is to be equally aggressive, try to curtail your aggressiveness and give a calm answer,
We will always come across the modern [I Want , I want it now, I won't wait] man, they are the ones who start with an aggressive first question, and no matter how many times you or another member ask for specific details will not give them, and then get more aggressive in their writings, we have only 2 options with this type, first is to step back with sorry I cannot help you any further, or stand 450mm [18 inches] from the nearest solid wall, place hands on the wall at shoulder hight, lean forward , and bang the wall as hard as you can with your head.. [I don't recoment method 2]

As members, we are all responsible for this site, the tone it presents and maintains is as much our responsibility as it is the management team, I urge fellow members if you feel a post is becoming targetted with aggression or undesirable language, even unsolicited advertising, please use the tag and report it, you cannot expect the mods to see and pick up everything.

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