Ableton and Accounting software on Linux


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First off hello forum, I have not installed Linux so I'm newer than a newbie.

I have come to a dead end with Windows. A recent hard drive failure has forced me to re-think my system. I was very comfortable using Windows 7 but aware of the impending cease for support. Even though I would love to break free from the shackles of Windows I just can't see a way forward with linux. The biggest issue I have is I use ableton 10 suite (DAW) which is not supported in Linux. Also as far as I can see there are no accounting software programs available on Linux that are going to be supported by HMRC.

I can't see the point in using Linux as an OS then having to run Windows 10 in Virtualbox or running a duel boot machine.

Has anyone successfuly used Ableton in Linux and can anyone shed some light on a practical solution to accounting requirements.

I really want to swap but feel I cannot.
Any help or suggestions appreciated.


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Hey thanks for the suggestions. I think the cloud option is probably the only way forward for the accounts, I did find Gnucash before posting 'Condobloke' and i'm sure it's a more than capable program. (Only not verified or supported by companies house or HMRC) I am going to run Linux mint I think with Windows in a virtualbox for now.

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