A Tiger In Colored Pencil


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I just spent the better part of the last 6 to 7 weeks working on this tiger in colored pencils.

It took 5 layers of purple violet and 2 layers of black to get the darkest shade of black in the tigers face.
Additionally I put down 7 layers of burnt sienna down and than 1 layer of orange on top of the burnt sienna to make the color of the tiger just right.

For the whiskers I used several shades of gray and 2 different shades of green for the eyes.

Here's the work I did 1/2 way through the composition:
Tiger Half.JPG

After finishing the tiger, I posted it on MeWe and Word Press.
I thanked the artist that liked my work.
Hope you guys like the tiger too.

Tiger Finished.JPG

Have a great weekend!


Hillbilly H

sweet. :)
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