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Yeah, already know about all the slipstreaming and workarounds to try and force a square peg into a round hole. I prefer the KISS principle, so if it don't fit, I find something that does. That is why I picked the legacy CPU and motherboards, instead of the 'latest'n'greatest'. These either have 'native support' for Win 7, or don't require coddling to make them work.

Same for the VGA. I know about the connectors/adapters to make a VGA plug fit a DVI socket. Tried it years ago, never worked right, so now it's VGA across the board. Same for the wifi junk. I had WEP about six months before it was cracked. Never liked it, always figured it was unsafe, but my computer tech was googly-eyed for it, so I let it slide. When it got nailed, that was the end. While the herd stampeded to WPA, then to WPA2, and I hear tell they are now onto WPA3...I went back to 'wired only'. I don't mind legacy. I don't need USB3.0, M2 slots, or whatever other recent gimmicks the spin doctors have convinced the trendsters and flaky faddists they can't live without.

Like I said before, just because something has 325 vulnerabilities doesn't mean you will ever encounter one...I've ran XP Pro for years, and still not seen any, and that's with outdated browsers. If you use Firefox on Linux, you're safe enough. For me the problem is not whether Firefox is 'safe' or not, as my use of outdated browsers proves. My disdain for Firefox has been years in the making:

I stuck with it only because of the addons....with their mass sabotage by Mozilla Mothership, that was the end of the line for me. There are way too many browsers around to have to put up with Firefox or Chrome shenanigans!


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.I went back to 'wired only
My "dedicated" pay bills Laptop is "Wired" I use wireless on tablet and other laptops surfing, music and stuff around the house. The newer tablet I bought and the Cable modem went 5G from the moment I started it up, until that time 5G was not enabled. An older tablet will not connect to the 5G it can only use my PC as a WIFI hotspot. Don't know if I trust the hardware manufacturers on 5G.
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