7 pieces of Linux advice for beginners


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Jan 6, 2019
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Hi, everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life! :)
I just bumped into this post while checking my feed https://opensource.com/article/22/5/linux-advice-beginners and thought of sharing here, since new users/members are always asking the same questions over and over, and this post might answer a few of those, or at the very least offer some useful advice/guidance. An excerpt:
Once you become more familiar with Linux, check through the various forums out there, to find one or more that you like, and again, before you ask something yourself, look to see if someone else has already had the question and had it answered ... My advice is to get familiar with help utilities such as man and info. Also, spend as much time as possible at the command line interface and really get used to the fundamental UNIX design ... My advice is to read. Using places like Ask Fedora or the Fedora Matrix chat or other forum type areas. Just read what others are saying, and trying to fix. I learned a lot from just reading what others were struggling with, and then I would try to figure out how the issue was caused ... My advice is to use a distro with an easy and powerful backup app. A new Linux user will touch, edit, destroy and restore configurations. They probably will reach a time when their OS will not boot and losing data is frustrating ... Be patient. Linux is a different system than what you are used to, be prepared for a new world of endless possibilities. Enjoy it.

They are pretty simple suggestions that website's writers offer, but some beginners/users might find them very useful. :)


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Dec 11, 2019
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They missed the tip, always use a search engine before asking the community a question.
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