5K player in Linux


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Aug 25, 2020
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Does 5K player stand a chance of functioning in Linux or is it a no no ?

G'day 2gangvc, Welcome to linux.org

Thats interesting stuff

We own a number of Apple devices.

5K may run in Wine....but I would think it doubtful....I have never enjoyed any success with wine

Have you contacted DearMob ?
I had the luxury of 5K on windows but moving to Linux tried to work it with wine and i ran into problems , i think wine trashed things bad. Can,t be 100% sure but that's the impression i have of wine.
Who,s Mob ?.
Wine has a reputation for doing things like that sometimes.
I gave a topic running HERE.....you might like to comment /cast a vote....

DearMob is an iphone manager/5k player...they have a free app and a paid app

I have contacted them and asked if they have any plans for Linux.

I use a paid app called 'Simple Transfer'....It is used only to transfer videos and Pics
I just received a reply from DearMob.....

Thank you for contacting Digiarty!
Sorry, we don't support linux.
Adam. MSales & Tech Support Team
DearMob, Inc.

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