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403 Forbidden error


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Dec 3, 2018
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I have done this similarly in the past on my laptop. Instead of using the default /var/www/html directory, I redirect the webpages to a mounted file system on another drive. I do this by going into /etc/apache2/sites available and editing the 2 files there. On my laptop, I redirect it to a second hard drive and that works. The issue on this computer is that I'm redirecting it to a mounted Raid 5 hard drive configuration. If I point it anywhere on the primary drive, no issues. But when I point it to /mnt/md0, I get the forbidden error. File permissions are identical. Does anyone know what needs to be done to enable this on a Raid mounted system?

The issue was not the raid array, but a permission in the directory structure. I had mounted the raid at /mnt/md0 and set the permissions for md0 to 770. The 0 was the problem. I changed it to 771 and now the web page loads as it should.

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