3,5" to 2,5" HDD to SSD adapter


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Sep 23, 2021
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So I got a hot-swap bay for two hard drives. Its the kind that has a solid connection port in place that automatically connects the hard drive as you lock it in place. Those that are regular visitors here, like myself, noticed that my hard drive blew and I aim to replace it.

But who buys HDD as brand new these days? Well some do, those that aren't performance oriented, but I digress...

I intend to put W10 on the drive I will purchase because I STILL haven't gotten VR to work properly on linux with a rickedy old rift, and for that an SSD would be an optimal choice... In order to do that I would need to purchase an adaptor.


What do you feel about Western Digital's IcePack?
Its pricey, but its quality. And its the only thing with the ports on the proper position for hot-swapping.

However, there is one thing I need to ask about - If I were to adopt this method, then the drive would have 2 linkages that will go 3-way on the SATA3 port:
  • Mobo to the Hot-swap bay
  • how-swap to the 2.5" adaptor
  • 2.5" adaptor to the drive
Are there any issues I should be worried about having so many intermittent steps between the drive and the motherboard?

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