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Hello everyone.:) I’m hoping a Linux genius here can help me out of my misery please?

in a nutshell I’m trying to setup a direct connection between an Unraid server and a dual boot PC. I’ve installed a 10GB NIC in each machine already, have configured the NICs, and the connection works. But.........

Getting the PC to use the new 10GB link when booting into Linux Mint 20.1 is proving impossible, I’m tearing my hair out! :eek::mad:
I got this running when booted into Win10 by simply adding the IP address and host name of the target Unraid server to the Windows “host” file.
Whats more, the transfers are running at 550MB/s, limited only by the speed of the SSDs involved. I can see all the folders on the target Unraid server via the old existing 1GB link by using file explorer. All transfers though are then automatically channeled through the new 10GB link.

Can I get this to work when booted into Linux..... fat chance!! I have edited the /etc/host/ file, but this seems to do nothing. I can see all the folders on the Unraid server via the old existing 1GB Ethernet link, but all file transfers insist on also flowing through the old 1GB link at a terrifying 90MB/s. It’s like watching paint dry.

Could somebody with better knowledge than myself, and there must be many out there, please explain how I can achieve what should be a very straight forward task?
The link is working, pinging the target works, but I do not know how to configure Linux to use the 10GB link. It was a piece of cake on Win10.

My reason for persevering with this is that I have already tried using a 10GB switch, and of course that works well and does away with the old 1GB link completely.
But.......... the switch not only costs over £300, it only gives a max transfer rate of 320MB/s. Id rather do away with the 10GB switch and get 550GB.

Many thanks.:)

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