windows xp

  1. S

    Trouble installing windows XP from linux

    I am trying to reinstall windows xp on old laptop with linux on it. When i install it at first with a usb. Then the system reboots but instead of installing the rest of windows xp i get booted into linux. I saw someone on a website install the second part with grub4 but when i go into grub 4 it...
  2. aleff

    GDB Error trying to run Adobe Reader opening a PDF file

    Hello dear, I'm trying to use GDB (GNU Debbugger) to debug the execution of Adobe Reader 8 installed on Windows XP SP3 through GDB installaed with MinGW. I tried to open the file using adobe reader in the cmd with the intent to fine a command line valid for gdb and i found the following: That...
  3. aleff

    Error using metasploit "Adobe Reader ToolButton"

    Hello everybody I'm trying to use metasploit for execute an exploit based on "Adobe Reader ToolButton" [1] CVE-2013-3346 [2]. I don't understand if I'm wronging in some settings, however I'll try to explain perfectly what I'm doing. My OS: Ubuntu 22 VM OS: Windows XP SP3 from [3]...
  4. aleff

    Demonstration of the research study "Extract Me If You Can" based on DECAF

    Does anyone know if there is a technical demonstration of the paper Extract Me If You Can by Carmony, C., Hu, X., Yin, H., Bhaskar, A.V., & Zhang, M. (2016)? I am trying to set DECAF correctly using the wiki presents on the github repository but without success. Could anyone tell me how to...