1. E

    Horizon View Client - Black Screen - On Debian only

    Hello, I recently switched from Ubuntu to Debian. It's all working great except when I connect to a virtual machine via Horizon View, it does connect but the screen stays black. Anyone experienced this before and knows how to fix this? I'm hoping to stick with Debian, but this would be a deal...
  2. Xarzu

    Command line sollutionn for shared folder with VMware and Ubuntu 22.04

    I am using Ubuntu 22.04 as a Virtual machine using VMWare Workstation 16 Pro hosted on a Windows 10 Pro computer. There is an issue with having shared folder between the virtual machine and the host. It is documented with VMware and the solution involved adding a line to /etc/fstab When I...
  3. Xarzu

    Why does "sudo apt update" cause a series of "403 Forbidden" errors?

    Why does "sudo apt update" cause a series of "403 Forbidden" errors? I have a Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine using VMware on a Windows 10 Enterprise computer. Part of setting things up requires I use the command" or both commands cause the same error messages. They consist of Either I need...
  4. Xarzu

    How do I rum vmware-uninstall-tools.pl on Ubuntu?

    How do I rum vmware-uninstall-tools.pl on Ubuntu? On a Windows 10 OS, I have been using VMware to set up a vitrual machine (because of some strange security concerns with the company, I can not use Hyper-V) and I am using Ubuntu as the OS for the virtual machine. VMware requires that I run...
  5. Xarzu

    Looking for Ubuntu VMware Tools Disk Image

    This might be more of a VMware question than an Ubuntu question. But I suppose it might be helpful to make this post here in case I can find some added insight into my issue. I need to know where to find the ISO file for Ubuntu to install VMware Tools. I installed VMWARE Workstation 16 Pro to...
  6. AwesomeGAMER_YT

    Testing Manjaro Linux Cube Desktop with KDE, Gnome or Xfce

    Hello, Members! We'll testing Manjaro Linux with Cube Desktop. Please Check it, if is not emulated: VirtualBox: Not Working (and still working...) VMware: Still Working. QEMU: Working. copy.sh x86: Not supported (Massive Crash). PCem: Not Supported. 86Box: Not Supported. Please Emulate, if is...
  7. T

    Troubleshooting question ‍♂️

    Hello, I recently switched to Linux and think I may have done it incorrectly. I downloaded Oracle VM Virtualbox on my windows 10 Laptop. I then downloaded Linux 19.3 as well as the USB preference in VM set to an external 3.0 2TB USB HHD where I then set up the virtual Linux machine. I then went...
  8. M

    Error While Changing Wifi-Adapter To Monitor Mode on VMware

    So i'm doing a hacking course on Udemy and trying to do the airodump-ng commands myself and i bought a new external wireless adapter for it and it connects perfectly to the host device, but when i try to change it to the monitor mode, it just doesn't happen. Here are the inputs and outputs of...
  9. M

    VM software for metasploitable on kali linux

    Hello, i want install VM software for metasploitable supported x86 processor, i have searched on google but not works, i want a light VM software with installation steps
  10. A

    Need User/Pass for Kali Linux VMware

    Hey guys, i just downloaded Kali Linux Vm 64 Bit 7z on https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-vm-vmware-virtualbox-image-download/. however i have'nt user/pass to login when start vmware. Do u have it? pleases give me. Thanks all.