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  1. D

    Is It Possible to Jailbreak a Ring Doorbell?

    My neighbor across the street recently bought one of these because he wanted to keep an eye on his packages from amazon, and his wife wanted to feel safe when she's home alone with the kids. When we were talking about it, I politely mentioned that the data it collects goes right to Ring's...
  2. clogwog

    match audio with video

    I have some usb cameras that have also a microphone onboard. I would like to find the card/device ( for an alsa hw adddress) with the right camera automatically (once i know how to link them) ls /dev/video* /dev/video0 /dev/video1 v4l2-ctl --list-devices UVC Camera (046d:0825)...
  3. E

    Folks, could you recommend a pet camera (home camera) with good speakers?

    Folks, could you recommend a pet camera with good speakers, cause my dog doesn’t recognize my voice at all from the cam I’m using now. Appreciate any help.
  4. P

    Trouble with a webcam automatcally adjusting the brightness

    I've bought SIGMA HD WEBCAM (8mp, USB). Works right after connecting to Ubuntu Linux 18.10. (Some minor Skype config required.) It seems to automatically adjust the brightness (as the brightness "jumps" as I move before the camera) and does it wrong (cheked in Skype and Cheese). It makes me to...