1. LinuxLegends

    Forum with more specialized Email knowledge?

    I'm looking to hire a programmer with real deep knowledge of how TLS packets are handled by email servers. Anyone know a forum similar to this, but hyper-focused on email?
  2. D

    Porting Code for Pulling Root Certs from Windows Store to Linux -- How Do I Do It?

    Hi, everyone. First post here. I have this server code I wrote in C++ a few years ago that I'm trying to enable ALPN and HTTP/2 support in. I've added code for ALPN already. I have code for pulling root certs from the Windows Cert Store in there that I want to port to Linux, but I want to...
  3. InterceptorF

    Port 389 and 636 are using old SSL I need to fix - ideas?

    389 handshake failure for SSL2 SSL3 and tls1.2 and 636 fails for SSL2 and TLS1.2 but does connect on SSL3. Question: What does it take to create new certs and apply them for ports 389 and 636? < syntax? Here is what I have Any insight on getting the cert to be assigned to the 389 and...