thinkpad e14

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    Intermittent wake issues: ThinkPad E14 G4 i5

    Ubuntu 23.10 6.5.0-26-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC (Problem happened with 6.7 series kernel too.) cat /proc/cmdline ... nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 vt.handoff=7 (I think the nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 helps. Before this setting my NVMe SSD would sometimes mount...
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    Webcamera not working

    Hi there, I'am using a Thinkpad E14, Amd Ryzen 5. I used Ubuntu on this notebook earlier, but some months ago I just installed Debian. Everything was fine, just the Bluetooth not running but i do not use it so much. However after two or three week, while in a video call using zoom, and using...