system crash

  1. tinfoil-hat

    Solved Displays go dark - Keyboard and Mouse don't do anything

    Hi, I mostly let my PC running 24/7, but now when I let my PC running for ~24h my Displays go dark and my Mouse and Keyboard don't do anything. no CTRL+ALT+Del. No CTRL+ALT+{F1, F2, F3, F4, ...}. My PowerLED on my desktop is running also the Keyboard and Mouse LEDs are on. That's very unusual...
  2. K

    Boot Failure / System Crash - Same Screen Details Either Way

    Running a System 76 Galago Pro (10 years old), Linux Mint XFCE 21.1 Vera and I am very much a Novice to Intermediate Linux user. Very familiar with Linux but technically unsophisticated. It might boot and then crash, or just land on this screen at start up: You are in emergency mode. After...
  3. D

    Mint 21 MATE Keeps Crashing

    I've recently noticed when I'm browsing the web, my screen suddenly goes blank and MATE restarts. I tried looking up how to troubleshoot this, but I got vague results. I decided to check the documentation and found a way to send a crash report, and typing in the problem and clicking "pastebin"...