sles 12

  1. T

    Request Time Out / Sessions Stalling through IPTABLE (DNAT)

    Scenario: Customer recently Migrated Clustered HANA DB Servers to Azure Cloud Platform but these are Physical Servers on Azure (Offering: Azure HLI). Usually these HLIs (HANA DB Servers) in Azure cannot be accessible directly, even not from Azure VNETs. In other Words, HLIs cannot access...
  2. Linux_Programmer

    SLES12: rsyslog doesn't invoke logrotation scripts

    On SLES12, rsyslog doesn't invoke logrotation script upon logfile size exceeding the threshold. In the below given example, sometimes rotation script is invoked at 21MB, or 22 MB. $outchannel logRot_node1_msg,/var/log/messages, 20480000,/usr/local/bin/ When the logging rate is very...