1. R

    script executes without any errors but does doesnt show any dialog box . OS kali linux

    i have run all the necessary comands . like installing dialog and chmod +x to give it write perms anything im doing wrong here pls help also this is my unix project submissions on monday the code is #!/bin/bash # File to store account data ACCOUNT_FILE="account_data.txt" # File to store...
  2. Fanboi User-created Helpful Shell Scripts::Meta Discussion/Chat

    This pertains to this thread by the same name. Because this forum tends to get lost in digressions -- and full disclosure: I'm one of the biggest offenders -- I thought I'd make a space for meta chat since, as @KGIII rightfully instructed in his thread: Now what I suggest is: If you have a...
  3. N

    zget a wget but with a GUI

    Hey Guys! i made a wget with gui You need: zenity and wget Installation: $ wget $ chmod +x zgetBuild $ ./zgetBuild Usage: $ zget
  4. mobulos

    SinusBot Multiscript

    Hey guys, I just want to show you my SinusBot Script. With this Script, you can install 30 SinusBots at the moment (No limit after inquiry). The script is in German, but I'll do an English Version when there is enough demand. You can run the Script via Or have a look at my GitHub I'm working...
  5. H

    Put the "RSA PRIVATE KEY" in the shh command directly.

    In general, if we want to access the remote server, we need to download the key, "token.pem". Put the key to the specific path, "$HOME/token.pem". Then use [chmod 400 $HOME/token.pem] and [ssh -i $HOME/token.pem user@hostname] for access. Now, I want to write the shell script, ""...
  6. E

    backup something on Server

    Hey :) I have a Gameserver on Linux and want to backup something every 3 hours. A friends said, that I can use a Shellcommand with my Crontab file. Now there is this in the crontab: # /etc/crontab: system-wide crontab # Unlike any other crontab you don't have to run the `crontab' # command to...
  7. ksix

    A question about script

    hello, I am new to Linux.I have encountered some questions when i wrote scripts.The loop can`t be executed,but i don`t know how to solve it.Please help me.Thanks very much! Here is my code: 1 #!/bin/bash 2 read -p "Enter your number:" num 3 read -a number 4 echo "your numbers are:" 5...
  8. JasKinasis

    note v1.0 released today!

    Hey all. After this conversation the other day, I finally got around to cleaning up, documenting and releasing my note-management application. 'note' is a very simple application written in shell-script. It's a personal, pet-project I've been developing and using at home and at work for a...