1. D

    Trouble with audio when screen sharing

    Hey guys, On Discord when I try screen sharing the person who watch has trouble hearing the audio (Not my voice but the audio from the screen share). Sometimes everything is OK sometimes the audio disappears and comes back later without me touching anything. I've tried searching for alternatives...
  2. PlaceyAUS

    Sharing folders in Fedora-Server

    I have recently moved from Windows to Linux for all my machines. Everything has been smooth sailing and I love, just Love Fedora. Was a hater of Gnome for years... but have been converted. I have setup gnome perfectly and will probably not use anything else desktop wise for a while. New to...
  3. D

    I can't share my laptop screen!

    Hi, I try to share my display trought a DVI cable, but my Os detect the screen model, but the monitor keep a black screen... What do i need to do? I had a ATI radeon HD 4200