seperate disks

  1. GoonMaster

    Solved GRUB and os-prober do not see Windows 10 on a different drive

    setup: -im on a lenovo legion 5 with two nvme drives with arch on one and windows on the other i reinstalled arch onto my second nvme after having issues with windows overriding the bootloader and now i can't access my windows drive. loading up the boot menu just shows me the drive i installed...
  2. F

    Install Pop!_OS 20.04 LTS alongside Windows 10

    I have 128GB M.2 SSD and on the remaining HDD (which is 1 TB with 3 partitions - 1st with 500GB, second with 380GB and the third with 100GB) I want to install PopOS on the second partition. This HDD contained Windows installation so I formatted that partition. (note that I formatted only the C...