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    Script for copy&delete directory from one server to another

    Hey everyone, I have 2 remote Servers: Server A and Server B. On Server A I have a directory named: 'Example' I need to copy 'Example' directory from Server A to Server B and then delete it from Server A (if there's a possibility to do it by one command it would be better of course). I would...
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    rsync --delete does not work as expected

    Dear all I'm using rsync to keep a backup of certain directories on my backup server. I notice the following rsync command works, and place a folder called "zipped" inside the "/backup/" directory and deletes removed files on the source: rsync -vrptgolz --progress --stats --delete...
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    [SOLVED] rsync hanging within minutes.

    Hello everyone. I am using arch linux and since i could not currently use timeshift I decided to just manually back up my system with rsync if there is any problems in the future so i will have backup. I tried to use rsync and every time I used the command within about 3-5 minutes of it backing...