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    Crashed Ubuntu

    Hi there. My problem is the following. My Ubuntu version is 20.04. I installed the program Lutris and found a game to run. I downloaded the and try to start it and then my PC crashed. Since then I rebooted again and again and nothing changed its not gonna back to Ubuntu again. Mostly black...
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    A better backup solution

    Hi folks, (misplaced my earlier login, so starting anew) Been using various flavours of Linux for ages, primarily server-side, but coming back to the desktop for a primary workhorse after a significant hiatus. Rolling with Fedora (34) this time, as I find it better suited to BaU work more than...
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    Is it possible to change the password for a specific user?

    With the common method (Typing E after restart, changing the linux line etc...) I can only change the password for the root user. I need to change it for another user.
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    Recovery libraries on RAID CentOS Server

    Hi! I don't know about Linux anything. But on my work I have RAID server with CentOS 5 Kernel system. Recently, something happened with it. Server have a ping, gives out ip addresses, but dont work like a file server and can't log from PUTTY. When I write differend command it show up error...
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    Please! Recover possible deleted/unmounted hard drive

    Hello ladies and gents. I have a absolutely horrible situation. Some how,not sure. Perhaps only a mistake by my 4 year old or something. But os will no longer boot from hard drive. I am still a fairly new Linux user and this is a massive headache. Then i topped the whole nightmare with a...