1. Y

    Set up USB port for storage only

    I am building a system that is designed to transfer user files into a closed system automatically using Raspberry Pi. I want to set up the USB connection to get a connection only from an on-key disk (or other volume), to prevent a keyboard or mouse connection (HID). I would be happy for any...
  2. danmanx

    Make command on RPi Zero W (Raspbian)

    Hi Forum! Bear with me. Trying to install this on a Pi Zero with [Retropie] Raspbian installed. https://github.com/asiekierka/zeta I SSH'd into my pi and git clone'd the file to my Pi. Now, according to the instructions, I am trying to use the make command to make/install on it. I followed...
  3. Kashek

    Avahi on Ubuntu & Raspbian [IPv6]

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on my bachelor degree / bachelor thesis and I have to do some zero configuration networking across Ubuntu & Raspbian and windows(:rolleyes:).. Everything worked as planned and I had Samba server on raspbian, plus few more services like SSH, VNC, FTP and HTTP(s)...
  4. J

    Run freenet on R

    I am a newbie in Linux. I first started working on Linux few days ago. I bought a raspberry 3B+. And I want to run freenet 247. Now I have installed raspbian lite(headless) on my raspberry pi. I have installed java and freenet in that. And for routing internet traffic I am using openvpn. I typed...
  5. A

    Looking For Lightweight Distro

    I am looking for a lightweight distro that I can use on a thin client right now and later replace with a raspberry pi. I need the thin client/raspberry pi to stream a video to and from a monitor attached to it and display a page with upcoming scheduled visits. I need it to be lightweight...
  6. K

    Rasperry Pi 3 projects

    An important part of my Linux arsenal is my Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. I am seeking ideas for future projects to do on my pi. Currently, I use the pi for these tasks: PHP / Apache / MySQL (test websites, development) FreeRADIUS (username / passwords to access my wifi) Mantis bug tracking...