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    Proxy troubles. Need help

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    I am trying to run proxychains on my kali linux , but after following all the tutorials i still cannot mask my true IP Address. Commands used :-$ sudo locate proxychains ;-$ sudo vi /etc/proxychains.conf after this - i remove # sign from dynamic and add a new ip address and save :-$ sudo...
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    Way to be fully anonymous using Kali?

    I have multiple ways to get anonymity (tor.service start, kalitorify, proxychains, Tails VM), and i want to know the best combination to be the closest to full anonymity (like tails)
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    Problems with proxychains

    I'm trying to set up proxychains. when i was trying to find the file i type loacate proxychains.conf the results were /etc/proxychains.conf so i typed nano /ect/proxychains.conf and it opened a new nano folder and not the one i wanted